Jung Joon Young"s ex-girlfriend who accused him of illegally filming her spoke out after 5 years.In September of 2016, Jung Joon Young"s ex-girlfriend "A" filed a police report against the former singer for a sex crime.

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Though she later withdrew all her claims, "A" has now spoken up once again in the midst of Jung Joon Young"s 5-year prison sentence for group sexual assault. When it was revealed "A" was his ex-girlfriend, all charges against him were dropped, and the case was settled. The investigation into Jung Joon Youngfor illegally filming women during sex acts was also terminated after he was acquitted.In a YouTube đoạn phim from December of 2019 about "Jung JoonYoung"s Chatroom", "A" made a post about her experience with her suit against him.On why she withdrew her claims against Jung JoonYoung, "A" explained,"Iwas afraid I"d be accused of making false accusations & ruin my life."She continued,"I want khổng lồ take this opportunity to correct my story, which hasn"t been known or properly told for 5 years now that the case has been closed và the truth has been revealed.""A" then said the biggest reason she dropped the charges is because she was told by police there was insufficient evidence, and she would be charged with causing personal pain against the former celebrity."A", who was about khổng lồ graduate college at the time, said,"No matter how serious Jung JoonYoung"s crime might have been, it was a critical time for me, and Idecided it would be dangerous khổng lồ make accusations against a celebrity & it could lead to lớn an unfair criminal record for me."She added,"I wanted to lớn get out of the situation & focus on preparing for employment.

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I thought I could prevent unnecessary media reports that could cause secondary damage khổng lồ me only if Jung Joon Young was acquitted quickly. You may think it"s stupid, but the social atmosphere at the time made it clear there would be interest in the victim, & the specific damage of a sex video would drag me down in the future. I thought I should stop before it got too out of hand."
As for Jung Joon Young"s group sexual assault charges, "A" commented,"If Ihad known Jung Joon Young was a vicious person who violated human rights and even sexually assaulted women, distributing videos of many other women besides me. Iwould never have cooperated with Jung Joon Young."She concluded,"After , Ibecame an official liar và thought about who would even believe me in the future. I should have endured it,"adding,"Iwant to lớn let other victims know the crime is not your fault, that it"s not your shame, that it"s okay if you didn"t fully deal with it, and that it"s not your fault a criminal trampled on your life."What are your thoughts on the post by Jung Joon Young"s ex-girlfriend?