Tan Son Nhat International Airport (IATA airport code SGN) located on Truong Son, Ward 2, chảy Binh District, Ho chi Minh City. The airport is just 7 km lớn the đô thị centre.

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Ho đưa ra Minh internartional airport has 2 operating terminals: T1 Domestic Terminal and T2 International Terminal connected by the public hall on the ground floor.


Is there miễn phí and nội dung Wi-Fi networks at rã Son Nhat International Airport?Yes. The không tính phí Wi-Fi service at SGN is provided by rã Son Nhat International Airport so you may choose user name: "FreeWifi TanSonNhat AirPort" then connect your device.Is there a time limit on không lấy phí Wi-Fi connections at SGN?Yes, không tính phí sessions last for 240 minutes.How vày I connect to & use the không lấy phí and tóm tắt Wi-Fi netwoks at SGN?To connect to SGN passenger Wi-Fi, use your device to connect khổng lồ SSID .TSN miễn phí Wifi Express as shown belowJump to game android | quả táo | Mac OSX | Windows.

Some information about tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN Airport), SGN geographical coordinates are 10° 49' 8.0 N 106° 39' 7.0 EIt is 10206 km from London & 14297 km from New York.There are no other major airports near tung Son Nhat International Airport.Tan Son Nhat International Airport is 18.9 m above sea levelIt has 2 runways. The longest is 3040.9 m in length & the widest is 45.1 m wide.

The tourist review for a wifi không lấy phí password at tung Son Nhat airport as below:"I was at the airport a couple of weeks ago and was using the không lấy phí wifi after I passed immigration it worked well you just need khổng lồ accept there terms or something like that from memory there wasnt english translation on part of the website so it took a couple of goes to logon"

Also my windows equipped máy tính xách tay warned me about the connection wasnt safe but didnt have a problem it didnt time out either after an hours useI was there và the wifi can vary from spot khổng lồ spot & terminal khổng lồ terminal.There is always Starbucks và the wifi will always be stronger there. Have fun.

If you are at the tung Son Nhat international airport và stay on the landside of the terminal waiting for check-in to mở cửa the Confetti Lounge has good miễn phí wifi .

T1 – Domestic terminal: A lot of domestic flights depart from & arriving here every day. Consisting of 2 floors, the domestic terminal’s layout is extremely simple to move through.The ground floor: Domestic arrival hall and baggage claimThe first floor: Domestic departure hall

T2 – International terminal: This terminal was constructed with four floors & is much newer than the domestic one. The four floors of the international terminal are busy around the clock.The ground floor: International arrival hall, connecting counter và baggage claim và exitThe first floor: International arrival hall, immigration area, landing visa counterThe third floor: Departure terminal, check in countersThe fourth floor: Cafés, restaurants & entertainmentUpon arrival, you will go through these areas: arrival gate – landing visa counter (if required) – immigration area – ground floor – baggage claim – arrival hall. The total time needed for this procedure is less than 20 minutes without the visa step and up lớn one hour with the visa step. Kiểm tra if you need a Vietnam visa prior to arrival to avoid any troubles.Tourists taking domestic flights from tan Son Nhat airport please turn right after exiting lớn reach the domestic terminal. If your next flight is to lớn Noi Bai airport,click here to lớn read the Hanoi Noi Bai International airport guide.

2. Available services at rã Son Nhat international airportYou can use a varied array of chảy Son Nhat airport services khổng lồ ensure a more comfortable airport experience.

2.1. Internet (free)Accessing the airport Wi-Fi “FreeWifi TanSonNhat Airport” or “TSN không tính tiền Wifi Express” is free at both domestic và international terminals, however, sometimes the Wifi system disconnects. You will need to mở cửa your browser to log in. It is just a log in screen and you vày not need a password to connect.

2.2. Information deskAirport information desk provides all aviation information you may need in English and Vietnamese. If you need instant support liên hệ them opposite C, D gate (T1 terminal); arrival hall, counter opposite C, D gate and waiting lounge (T2 terminal). Brochures & city maps are complimentary.


2.3. SIM cardsVietnamese SIM cards can be easily purchased near the exit of the airport terminal. One should cost you from USD 9 – 13. You need to show your passport lớn register a tourist SIM, which you can then kiểm tra if it is working by texting ‘TTTB’ then sending khổng lồ 1414. Viettel, Vietnamobile, Vinaphone and Mobifone are the most popular providers in Vietnam.

2.4. Money exchange.Banks and currency exchange in tan Son Nhat airport offer good exchange rates, although you may find it a little bit lower in local jewellery shops. You can find currency exchanges at both the departure hall & the arrival hall of the international terminal. VietinBank is opposite D2 entrance of the domestic terminal.

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ATMs in Ho đưa ra Minh airport are operated by various banks Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, ANZ, CitiBank, Shinhan Bank, etc. In the international terminal there are five machines phối near column 14 and column 3. In the domestic terminal there are six machines at the D2 entrance. Kiểm tra the current Vietnam ngân hàng exchange rate by clicking Vietcombank or VietinBank.

2.5. ShoppingDuty không tính phí shops are scattered inside the security area và on the check-in hall. However, the number of cửa hàng is quite few so vày shopping at city centre will be better. You can get VAT refund at near gate 6-9 on the 2nd floor of international terminal.

2.6. RestaurantAirport food courts in tan Son Nhat serve both vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals in Vietnamese style and western style. You can find them in both terminal. Restaurants stay xuất hiện till 11 pm.

2.7. Airport loungeBoth single visit passes and lounge memberships allow you khổng lồ enter the airport lounge area. If you are not flying business class then you can pay at the door to lớn enter any lounge. There is more than one lounge for you to choose from, all of which provide air-conditioner, food và beverage, conference facility, disabled access, flight information monitors, newspapers, television and Wi-Fi. Normally the price is from USD 25/person for 3 hours for single pass and different membership plans. None has a sleeping facility.

Apricot Lounge & Lotus Lounge in the international terminal have modern showers.

Le Saigonnais Business Lounge:Location: in front of gate 11 domestic lounge, next khổng lồ Lotus LoungeOpen time: 04:30 am - 11:00 am

Apricot Lounge:Location: midway between boarding gates at the first floor of international lounge

Open time: 06:00 am – 02:00 am

Orchid Lounge Lounge:Location: near gate 10- 14, 2nd floor of international terminal

Open time: 06:00 am – 02:00 am

Lotus Lounge:

Location: cấp độ 1 of domestic terminal, cấp độ 3 of international terminalOpen time: 06:00 am – 00:00 am2.8. Other servicesLuggage storage

You can have airport staff keep your luggage while you are moving around. Liên hệ the counter at column 13, 14 ground floor of T2 terminal, opening 7am – 11pm. The price is VND 27.500/piece/hour for less than 10 hours, VND 275.000/piece for less than 24 hours

Luggage packing

To protect your luggage, you can use this service at the area D2, A, B và near the elevator of T1 terminal; gate D1, D2 of T2 terminal. The price range from VND 80.000 – 100.000 (USD4 – 5) depending on the baggage size.

Smoking rooms

In public areas, smoking is prohibited. You can use the smoking room opposite gate 14 in the departure hall, domestic terminal or opposite gate 15 – 18 departure hall, international area.

Showers and spa

Besides the fully serviced shower of the business lounge, you can find a không tính tiền airport shower opposite gate 25 in the international terminal. Massage is opposite gate 10 of domestic terminal và near gate 6-9 of international terminal.

Rest zone

For those who are waiting khổng lồ board you can relax at the Relaxing zone near gate 6-9 on the 2nd floor. Price is USD 5 for one hour with a complimentary soft drink. Another is the Sleeping zone near gate 21- 24 on the second floor. The price is USD 7 for one hour for a sleep box equipped with pillows, drink, towels, lamps, power outlets, etc. Sleep chair is free.- Family services (free)

Children entertainment is mix up near gate 21 – 22 departure hall T2 terminal; this service is không tính tiền for children & families. The area covers 40m2 and provides a safe soft ground, LEGOs, slides, clay etc.

Drinking water (free)

Everyone can find free drinking water near gates 5, 10 và 16 in the departure hall of the domestic airport; gate 15, 16 & 18 in the departure hall of the international airport; gates 1 & 6 in the arrival hall

Mobile charging (free)

If you left your charger in the checked baggage, don’t worry as there are không tính tiền mobile charging stations near the check-in kiosk of the domestic terminal and opposite gates: 10 – 11, 11 – 12, 16 – 17.

Medical services

Fully-staffed medical services at the airport function 24/24. Tương tác the điện thoại tư vấn (08) 38 485 383 for any emergency case. Medical room is located near D2 entrance at the domestic terminal, boarding gate 17-18 and A2 entrance gate at international terminal.

3. How to transfer from rã Son Nhat airport to đô thị centre (district 1,3,5, rã Binh district) & vicinity?

Taxi transfers from tan Son Nhat airport to khách sạn in the đô thị centre does not take much time as it’s just 7 km away. For those who have an early flight or transit time in Saigon airport, staying at an airport hotel or a downtown hotel is convenient & possible khổng lồ get back lớn the airport quickly if needed. From the airport terminal you can take one of these transportation services all with reasonable prices.

3.1. Oto rental booking applicationUtilizing your điện thoại thông minh connected to lớn the airport’s không tính tiền Wi-Fi, you can book a oto via a booking platform like the Grab, similar to lớn Uber, is a cross Asian company blooming in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. The final price shown before your confirmation usually goes from VND 150,000 – VND 250,000 from 8$USD-11$USD, depending on the traffic demand. You will need khổng lồ walk khổng lồ the outside lane to lớn get picked up. Take lưu ý of the license plate number on the phầm mềm as most drivers cannot speak English.3.2. Ho đưa ra Minh airport xe taxi transfers khổng lồ hotel