Book Hanoi không lấy phí tour guide online. There’s no better way khổng lồ experience the real Hanoi than with this not-for-profit organization run by volunteer staff & guides comprising students & ex-students, speaking a multitude of languages. A variety of suggested tours is available, or you can work with your guide khổng lồ tailor an itinerary. Although the service is free, you pay the small cost of the guide’s transport, admission fees and meals.

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Tour Guide Hanoi

Our guides know Hanoi and the surrounding region very well, speak the English language và can also help you to communicate better while you are in Vietnam. During the tour you will not have problems in communicating with local people. Your personal guide through Hanoi will help you learn a lot about the region, & ensure you have a pleasant experience. Check out some of the local sights và attractions, wildlife và nature.


Hanoi không tính phí Local Tours

The guides get a chance khổng lồ practice their English & their speaking skills, và visitors get to learn all about the city. These walking tours must be some of the best in Southeast Asia, & as the name suggests, they’re completely free!

Hanoi không tính phí Walking Tours now offers several different tours, including one through the key war sites, one of the French Quarter, & a food tour. They range in length from a few hours lớn a full day, & all of them sound amazing.

Hanoi Walking Tour Experience

The tours include không tính phí pick-up from hotels inside the Hanoi Old Quarter, what lớn expect Old Quarter’s bustling streets.


The Guild Streets

One of the most famous areas of the Old Quarter: the Guild Streets, a collection of over 70 avenues, each representing a single type of hàng hóa or service sold by its residents.

The highly structured layout is the result of hundreds of years of migration, during which people from the same rural villages would take up residence on the same street và find employment together at the neighborhood workshop. Today, you can find whole streets devoted to lớn such specific items as bamboo rafts, silk dresses, & brass doorknobs.

One of the most curious avenues was one my guide referred khổng lồ as “Death Street,” the go-to place for everything necessary for putting on a first-rate funeral. The shops don’t sell tombstones and caskets, though. Instead, they’re filled with smartphones, iPads, elegant dresses, sports cars, all the luxury goods your heart could desire – all made from paper. These paper models, along with stacks of fake money, are burned during the funeral as a way of sending ancestors into the afterlife with all the material things they might need.

The shops on the Guild Streets have an unusual look to them; most are only about ten feet wide but extend over sixty feet back. When the streets were being laid out hundreds of years ago, taxes were collected based on the width of the storefront, so it only made sense to have the narrowest possible opening on the street.

Đồng Xuân Market

The next stop on our tour was Đồng Xuân Market, the largest covered market in the city, which has been one of Hanoi’s busiest shopping centers ever since it was built in the late-1800s. Unlike most Southeast Asian markets, Đồng Xuân is quite fancy và even had some escalators lớn give it a mall vibe.

Everything from winter coats to lớn counterfeit sunglasses to high-end TVs can be found here. As a tourist, it seems impossible to lớn find what you’re looking for, but there’s clearly a lô ghích to its layout.

After squeezing our way through dozens of clothing racks, we reached the “wet” portion of the market, which sells meat & produce & will look much more familiar khổng lồ anyone who’s explored other Southeast Asian markets. If you’re the least bit squeamish about where your food comes from, this part of the tour might not be for you

In the wet market, buckets of squirming eels, partially-butchered pigs, and freshly gutted fish emit an overwhelming aroma that will have many considering the merits of vegetarianism, especially once you reach the assortment of choices over at the much less noxious fruit and vegetable stalls.

The market is completely different at night when street performers come out to entertain & artisans can be seen working on their creations. It’s more of a tourist attraction than a functioning market then, so try lớn visit at both times lớn get the full experience.

Bach Ma Temple

From the market, we wound our way through a series of narrow passageways that are only about as wide as your shoulders, which makes for an uncomfortable encounter whenever you meet someone going the other direction. These walkways are the primary way for pedestrians to efficiently move through the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

However, when we emerged from one of these indistinguishable concrete corridors, we were greeted by the magnificent Bach Ma temple. The fittingly compact temple is incredibly ornate, with red lacquered doors & intricate gold-plated artwork. It’s believed to be the oldest temple in Hanoi, dating back to lớn the 10th century, though it was moved to lớn its current location in the 1700s.

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Seemingly out of place inside the temple is a large statue of a trắng horse. But if you’re up on your Vietnamese, you already knew that Bach Ma actually translates lớn “white horse.” It’s said that an immense white stallion stamped out the perimeter of the temple khổng lồ help its designer, King Ly, create a structurally sound building.

Hoàn tìm Lake & Thê Huc Bridge

Undoubtedly the most scenic spot on our tour, hoàn Kiếm Lake is Hanoi’s premier patch of nature. In this hectic city, it’s a tranquil refuge for those looking for a respite from the chaos. The path around the lake is popular with joggers, và you’ll find tai bỏ ra practitioners in the green space along the water.

Sitting out in the lake is Ngoc Soc Temple, which is connected khổng lồ the shore by the iconic Thê Huc Bridge, a beautiful red wooden walkway. It’s one of the most popular places for tourists và locals to snap a selfie, so expect crowds throughout the day.

Legend has it that a Vietnamese king was once rowing across the lake when a giant turtle approached him và asked for his sword. The king had used the sword to lớn quash a Chinese invasion of his country, & it was said to lớn be magic. Today, the park stands as a symbol of Vietnamese independence.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

One of the last things you’d expect khổng lồ find at the end of an incense-filled alleyway in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is an ornate gothic church, but that’s where we ended our tour. Although nearly three quarters of the Vietnamese population follow folk religions or no religion at all (the country is officially atheist), a solid seven percent of its residents are Catholic.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the oldest church in the country & the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Mass is held every day, but it’s the Sunday evening service that draws the biggest crowds – the church overflows with people, và congregants sit in the lush gardens outside lớn listen in over the loudspeakers.

The gardens are also a popular location for wedding shoots; there was even one happening during our tour! In between services and when nothing else is going on, it’s possible to lớn pop into the church for a look at the massive sanctuary và a quiet moment in the pews.

Booking Your Hanoi Walking Tour

Unlike many tourist activities offered in Southeast Asia, Hanoi không lấy phí Walking Tours requires advance notice. To lớn get a spot on one of their tours, you need khổng lồ book online at least 48 hours in advance; if you don’t have a lot of time in the city, be sure to lớn make your reservation before you get lớn Hanoi.

Cost of Hanoi không tính tiền Walking Tours

All of the organization’s tours of Hanoi are completely free, though you still need to lớn pay for any entrance fees or food (and a portion for the guide) if that’s part of your tour. Tips are accepted, but not required or expected, & my guide seemed to lớn accept the one I offered begrudgingly. But I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a tour guide as friendly and knowledgeable as she was, so I wouldn’t have felt right not tipping.

Hanoi không tính tiền Walking Tour Tip

Hanoi miễn phí Walking Tours: Exploring the Old Quarter of Hanoi. The Hanoi Old Quarter, with its picturesque French colonial architecture và plethora of street food, is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. This neighborhood is a maze of narrow winding streets with hoards of motorbikes driving on the sidewalks, weaving in between cars, and generally occupying every last inch of xuất hiện space.

It’s the sort of place where just wandering around is a captivating experience if you’re willing to brave the mayhem. But it might be even better explored with a guide, who can point out the beauty amid the chaos và give context khổng lồ the many fascinating sights.

Tour Guide Vietnam

Discover the delights of ancient Hanoi with a friendly private guide from Tour Guide Vietnam. Com – Get a local’s perspective on this enchanting city & explore Hanoi at your own pace with a guide who is eager to tóm tắt his knowledge with you.

Hanoi has everything an urban adventurer could wish for: ancient history, a colonial legacy and a fresh, modern outlook.

Witness the calm precision of Tai Ch’i performed at daybreak on the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake; meander through Hanoi’s Old Quarter và marvel with your guide at the vibrant medieval commerce quarters – still the heartbeat of this bustling city. Take a daytrip khổng lồ nearby Ninh Binh, where water buffalos, golden-green rice paddies, & majestic limestone formations will fulfill your postcard fantasies of Vietnam.

Your personal guide invites you lớn choose from the private Hanoi tours offered, or feel free to suggest alternatives for your tour of the Hanoi area. Your Hanoi guide can customize a private tour just for you.

Our Recommended Private Tours from Hanoi:

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